Welcome The Woodland Hut Company

Welcome – The Woodland Hut Company

The Woodland Hut Company provides bespoke Woodland Huts, Shacks, Sheds and family spaces hand built in Sussex.  The aim of The Woodland Hut Company is to create individual, handcrafted bespoke buildings that provide places for people to relax, enjoy and work in an outdoor setting.

All Woodland Hut products are made from top quality locally sourced materials. Whenever possible the Woodland Hut Company use restored and recycled materials.  The designs are often inspired by finding windows, timber or cladding and allowing them to inspire the design.

If you own a Woodland we can advise on how to use your own timber and are happy to work in an advisory basis if you are inspired to build you own bespoke Hut, Shed, Workshop or family space; and if you supply materials and some labour we can really keep the overall cost of the building down.

The team at The Woodland Hut Company  hope that the information on this web site is helpful. If you’ve got any questions or want to talk to us about how we can help you to create your own rustic outdoor retreat then please get in touch.

“It feels like I’m in the woods due to the hut’s wooden structure & view of the natural environment it sits in”  John

“One with nature. It’s always there standing still, or busy with wildlife; through all seasons. No one can take that away” Emma

“My Woodland Building always looks different, reflecting each season and  and how I feel at the time”. Peter

“The sense of satisfaction and pride in getting involved in this building projected was just amazing and I was so surprised at what I could achieve with the right guidance”. Tina